VOICE In-wall Loudspeakers

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Experience brilliant detail and scale to your music and movie soundtracks with VOICE loudspeakers. Even at reference level, VOICE loudspeakers deliver detail and clarity to your favorite recordings with stunning immediacy and performance. VOICE represents 4 years of painstaking research into the heart of acoustics and musical reproduction. We studied the science of sound and our perception of sound - then developed a loudspeaker that encompasses these principles. We developed new technologies, new materials and proprietary processes that facilitate the production of VOICE - a new benchmark in musical excellence.

Listen Audio VOICE loudspeakers redefine home theater performance.

Meticulously Engineered for engaging sound.

Listen Audio VOICE loudspeakers offer deep sound stage and incredibly detailed sound.

Never before has an architectural speaker been so meticulously engineered.  Listen Audio VOICE loudspeakers were designed with a single purpose in mind: to bridge the gap between in-wall speakers and high performance two channel systems.

Designed to bring music to life with stunning clarity, to immerse you in your favorite movie soundtrack, or to create beautiful and true to life media experience – all without obtruding into your living space. VOICE architectural loudspeakers are a forward thinking integration solution.  Bringing life-like musical performance to any room.

Precisely Crafted.

Every detail beautifully engineered.

VOICE Drivers.

Depth and width to the sound stage like never before.

VOICE drivers were engineered from the ground up to provide convincing and profound musical clarity. VOICE drivers are comprised of a high frequency ring driver in the center of a finely tuned mid-range driver. The result of a meticulous three year development, VOICE delivers detail and clarity to music and dynamic immediacy to movie soundtracks. Stunning accuracy and speed help create a stage image that is wide and deep. Sound that rivals a live performance.

Huge sound. Small enclosure.

LAB|D technology allows VOICE to operate using 60% less space.  

Laminar Acoustic Backwave Damping – LAB|D – technology is the most acoustically advanced damping technology in the market today. LAB|D drastically improves transient response to produce vivid definition and impact.

How does it work?

LAB|D uses the vibrating air from the speaker’s cone and translates this vibration into a laminar air flow. Once moving in a linear fashion, the air flows over strategically placed damping material which significantly reduces both the energy inside the enclosure and the intensity of harmful backwave reflections – which can negatively influence the driver diaphragm. This decrease in energy and pressure allows the drivers to move freely – producing uncolored sound that is true to the original signal.  The effect of LAB|D is a transmission line level of impact – at 40% the volume of a typical sealed enclosure.  This reduction in critical volume allows VOICE to sound like an enormous loudspeaker, but fit within a standard wall cavity.

Typical turbulant particle flow.

LAB|D laminar particle flow.

The LAB|D experience.

With LAB|D music and soundtracks are delivered with astounding speed and accuracy.  Listeners are enveloped in the content of a recording; drums sound as if they are sitting in your room; strings are vibrant and can be felt; voices breathe with life; soundtrack explosions blast into the room and orchestral music encompasses the audience.

LAB|D technology allows VOICE loudspeakers to produce realism, involvement and dynamic impact on a scale that far exceeds any other in-wall loudspeaker. Enjoy your music.