Pure diffusion.

Lively, intelligible sound.  Plain and simple.

DIFFUSE Step is a diffusion solution for areas where low absorption is necessary. By eliminating cavities and coupled spaces, DIFFUSE Step creates a high energy diffusive surface that efficiently scatters mid-band frequencies with minimal attenuation. Rooms sound lively, but without harsh reflections.  DIFFUSE Step fine tunes any room to acoustic perfection.

DIFFUSE Step Technical Papers and Specifications

Scattering and Diffusion Properties

Mounting and Installation with Z-Clips

Mounting templates for DIFFUSE Step panels with Z-Clips

DIFFUSE Step 2′ x 2′

DIFFUSE Step Cutsheet
Pricing varies by wood species.
Material2′ x 2′2′ x 4′ 2′ x 6′2′ x 8′
Baltic Birch PremiumXXX

The complete acoustical solution.

The DIFFUSE Acoustical Array system family of products.

DIFFUSE Step is a part of the DIFFUSE family of products.  Individually, DIFFUSE products stand as benchmarks for acoustical performance.  When combined into an engineered system, DIFFUSE products create an environment of unprecedented acoustical clarity and intelligibility.  Learn more about each product here.