Smooth and intelligible highs.

Tame high frequency reflections and echoes with DIFFUSE High.

DIFFUSE High is a mid-high frequency diffusion product that mitigates high-frequency echoes and flutter.  This optimized diffuser is perfect for previously reflective surfaces in environments where the desire is a distinct and uniform sound field.  By reducing the need for absorptive materials, DIFFUSE High facilitates equalized sound quality while maintaining a lively and engaging sound with spaciousness and character.  When combined with other DIFFUSE offerings, DIFFUSE High creates a sound environment that is comfortable, realistic and luxurious.

Crafted for modularity.

Unlimited capability.

DIFFUSE High was designed with modularity in mind, offering engineers and designers unprecedented levels of customization.  Whether mounted flush or in a quadratic residue sequence, DIFFUSE High integrates seamlessly with the larger DIFFUSE system.  It can also be added to the front of our DIFFUSE Signature diffusion panels to extend the bandwidth of the system.  DIFFUSE High mounts with signature stainless standoffs for individual pieces or with tongue-and-groove integration.  It is also available with and without slots.