Flexible acoustic design.

Your creative power. Unleashed.

Architecture is design.  Your final designs depend on having materials available to suit your creative concepts.  DIFFUSE High FLEX offers unlimited design capability within the acoustically built space.  This polymer product is capable of fitting a radius as tight as 6″.  FLEX has an embedded grain structure that allows for staining or painting to match any décor seamlessly.  The first ever flexible product that allows you to be flexible too.

  • Acoustic Scattering

    FLEX is acoustically diffusive from 2500hz – 12000hz

  • Sized to Fit

    Available in lengths up to 12′.  We can cut it to a shorter length, or you can.

  • Flexible

    Bend FLEX as tight as a 6″ radius.  Twist FLEX as necessary.

  • Paintable. Stainable.

    FLEX has a grain.  Paint or stain it to fit any décor.

Unlimited design capability.

Design any shape you wish.  We’ll help with the details.

You create your design and leave the rest to us.  To mount DIFFUSE High FLEX, we will create the rigid backings necessary.  If you need them in a special finish, we can match any décor with an unlimited variety of laminate and vinyl.  No profile is too complex.