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Transparent sound.  Transparent diffuser.

Designed for acoustical applications that require a transparent surface is DIFFUSE Glass.   DIFFUSE Glass is perfect for conference rooms, performance spaces or screening rooms that need windows or glass surfaces or for architectural spaces that require contemporary appointments.  Stainless steel cable hanging systems match seamlessly with any architectural finish. Made from acrylic, DIFFUSE Glass is as durable as it is stunning.

The science of detailed, intelligible sound.

DIFFUSE is a thin profile hybrid diffusion system with remarkable bandwidth – scattering sound below 600Hz – making DIFFUSE the world’s slimmest wide-bandwidth diffusion product.  The edges and contours of the channels and slots compliment an adjustable air gap behind the panel.  This original design creates high levels of spatial scattering and time delay with only traces of absorption – maintaining high levels of acoustical energy within the listening environment.  All while remaining free of cavity resonances that negatively influence the sound of QRD and PRD designs.  DIFFUSE was engineered to impact the frequencies that matter most, positively affecting spaciousness and imaging.  Indeed the world’s greatest sounding diffusion system.

The worlds most advanced acoustic system.

Acoustics made easy.

Thin Profile

DIFFUSE panels are the thinnest effective diffusion product available – as narrow as 1″ – making DIFFUSE ideal for audio systems.

Wide Bandwidth

As they size of the DIFFUSE array increases, so does the bandwidth.  The broader the arrangement, the deeper the experience.

Fully Modular

DIFFUSE panels are fully modular – creating a perfect acoustic environment has never been easier.

Hybrid Diffuser

Just the right balance of diffusion, scattering, and absorption for a spacious, clear sound.

Technical Papers and Specifications

DIFFUSE Brochure

DIFFUSE Glass acoustical data

Acoustical data for DIFFUSE Glass:

DIFFUSE Signature

Mounting and Installation - Floor to Ceiling

Mounting and Installation Instructions for DIFFUSE Glass:

DIFFUSE Glass Installation – Floor to Ceiling

Mounting and Installation - Wall to Wall

Mounting and Installation Instructions for DIFFUSE Glass:

DIFFUSE Glass Installation – Floor to Ceiling

CSI Spec - Acoustical Wall Products


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