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It is more than just a name.

It is a statement.  It is our corporate philosophy. It is your interaction with our products.  It is our interaction with you.  It is the foundation of our company and how we came to be.  Our approach from the beginning has been to listen to what our customers want and to distinguish between what is important and what is essential to fill gaps in a market overrun with mediocre products.  We strive to have a working rapport with each of our highly skilled integrators, to receive meaningful examination and assessment of all that we produce and to refine our products further to provide unparalleled interaction and quality.  It is only with your help – our customers – that we can become what our industry deeply needs. It is when we LISTEN.

Designing good.  Designing sound.

Listen Audio Systems was founded on a single principle: conscientiously manufacture easy to use audio products with remarkable realism.  That’s it.

A word on the listening experience from our President.


sustainable material + sustainable process + ethical supply + collaboration + advancing science + customer interaction + listening


powerful cinema dynamics + clarity and detail + prodigious stage + presence and depth + hidden + unparalleled realism + constant innovation an iteration

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Listen Audio Systems products are only available from our certified dealers or our official website in our Listen Store area.  The Listen Store is the only certified online dealer of Listen Audio products.  Products purchased from any other online store are not authentic Listen Audio products and are in breach of Listen Audio dealer contracts. Please contact us for more information or if you think a product you received is inauthentic.  We appreciate your help in doing honest business with our loyal distributors and retailers.