Acoustic. Modular. Easy.

Experience.  Good.  Sound.

Purveyors of luxurious acoustical systems.

An immersive sound experience should begin with the listener. We design products that create a listening environment that advances our enjoyment of movies and music – with an elevated expectation of what a sound system should be.


Who we are

We are sound – from acoustical consulting + acoustical treatments + loudspeakers – good sound.

What we do

Creating practical + easy to use acoustical products by examining the roots of science + mathematics.  Good.  Sound.  Through science.

How we do it

By gaining valuable insights from our industry’s greatest resource – our customers.  By partnering with acoustical engineers + retailers + vendors of the highest caliber.  By having conversations.  We Listen.  

“Listen Audio captured our attention…this is a most impressive company.”

Mark FleischmannSound & Vision Magazine


Experience all of our product lines. From VOICE architectural speakers to our line of DIFFUSE panels.


View technologies that we have pioneered. VOICE drivers, LAB|D enclosures, DIFFUSE panels and more.

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